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DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS is a STORE and a MAIL ORDER specialized in RECORDS (vinyl records), CD's, BOOKS, MAGAZINES and COMICS --new, second hand and collectibles, from all around the world.
The "genres" we deal are:

RECORDS(Vinyl) and CD's: HEAVY METAL, (Power metal, True metal, Doom, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Prog/Metal, A.O.R., Stoner, Black Metal, Death metal, Gothic metal, Shred, Epic metal, Symphonic) ,HARD ROCK,PROGRESSIVE ROCK,PSYCHEDELIA.

BOOKS, MAGAZINES, FANZINES: We deal with ALL the publications concerning the kind of music above mentioned as well as every essays and fiction about HORROR, SCI-FI, OCCULTISM, PARANORMAL, FANTASY literature and movies.

COMICS: Horror, Sci-Fi,Fantasy ,and, in particular, the Italian "Nero" ed "Erotic -horror" series published in the Sixties / Seventies.

The purpose of DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS is to sell and distribute the above mentioned products to fans and collectors and give little-known artists' works a larger audience. To this purpose DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS, besides its sales catalogues offers a totally free section of reviews and interviews.

DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS is born in Rome in 2007 from the collaboration of some dealers and collectors in records, books and comics fields, specialized in Horror / Sci-fi , everyone professionally involved as store owners and retailers since 15 years.

Crucial was their meeting with Stefano Coderoni, the owner of Freesby record shop in the Nineties, the only one record store exclusively specialized in record collecting in Rome since 1984, which previous managing was responsible of the first official Roman record collectors Fairs and the publication of RARO! magazine (the very first and still, Italian "Record Collector magazine").Then, he offered a free-collaboration to various italian fanzine of such styles.

During Stefano Coderoni's managing in the 90',Freesby became one of the most popoular record collecting shops in Italy, and maybe the only one to offer on sale over 50.000 only-vinyl items of all genres, from Italian melodic singers to the extreme heavy metal styles. ,by in-store selling and by international mail-order service.

Stefano Coderoni wrote on Raro! magazine continually for the first 7 years, from n. 0 in 1987 to 1994, as responsible of Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal sections, his true music passions.He is a collector on his own from late 70',and his collection of original vinyl records is over 40.000 titles from all over the world...

DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS is born thanks to his contribution of experience,money and sale-items; besides his musical tastes, he shares the same interests of the staff of DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS, dealing on his own with books, magazines and comics of that kind.

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