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More than a Mail Order / Distribution service, DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS offers a space dedicated to the reviews of the works of musicians and writers who are specialized in the dealt genres. No one will be excepted, if his work belongs to the dealt genres; so we invite everyone to contact us, either successful artists, beginners or complete unknown people.
To appear on these pages, it's sufficient to follow these simple "rules":

You have to send the work you wish to be reviewed, to the address written in the bottom, along with at least a short authors' biography and your address /contact (if you prefer, you can communicate your address with a separate mail). ONLY the following items will be accepted for review: Vinyl records, official CD's ,Promo CDs, demo CD's, Books, Magazines, Fanzines, Comics, DVDs,VHS.
WE DON'T ACCEPT copy-CD's (either from official CD's or demo CD's) ,and DVD, photocopies, MP3, audio tapes, copies and so on.
The items sent to us will be reviewed within two weeks, starting from the day the material has been received. To those who'll send us material considered interesting, we'll offer the opportunity to sell / distribute their own work at DAMNA RECORDS & BOOKS.
The items that are sent WON'T BE SENT BACK.

Please note that Damna Records and Books will review and interview ONLY HARD ROCK, PROGRESSIVE and HEAVY METAL musicians/groups.

So DO NOT SEND your works if you play a different kind of music, because we won't be able to review them.

Thank you!

Please, send to: STEFANO CODERONI     Via Tarquinio Prisco 63 / 65    00181 ROMA (ITALY)