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ALBUM FOTOGRAFICO DEL ROCK Robert Ellis Gremese (ITA) 1982 Hardback.Dust jacket. The most famous rock stars in a beautiful 500 colour photo gallery.226 large pages.Italian text. NF 15
Barsamian/Jouffa Ramsay (Fra) 1986 Hardback.Rare and beautiful frenc-text book about psychedelic,blues,soul etc,with lots of picts.Jim Morrison on cover. NF 35
ARCIPELAGO ROCK Enzo Gentile Oscar Mondadori (ITA) 1987 Pocket,240 pages.Firs edition.All about rock in Italy (Cinema,fanzines,television,venues,etc..)Italian text.< NF 4
AUSTRALIA NEW -WAVE Canova/Malagnini Gammalibri( ITA) 1984 Soft cover,first edition. NF 7
BENNATO,EDOARDO-E' ARRIVATO UN BASTIMENTO Edoardo Bennato Mondadori( ITA) 1984 Hardback.First edition. NF 8
CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' Assante/Capua Savelli( ITA) 1982 Soft cover.Italian text.The psychedelic moviment in the sixties..with Doors,Byrds,Jefferson Airplane,Grateful Dead etc.With photos. NEW 8
COLLINS,Phil--THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY Ray Coleman Pocket Books( UK) 1997 Paperback.First edition.English text. F 5
DOORS,THE-La morte e lo spirito della tragedia in Jim Morrison Kevin McCrsaney Cultura europea coop.( ITA) 1991 Hardback.Italian text. NF 8
DOORS--JIM MORRISON-CANZONI E POESIE DEL RE LUCERTOLA Gammalibri( ITA) 1983 Soft cover.First edition.Italian text.Writing on pages Fair 5
DOORS--JIM MORRISON- Lato side( ITA) 1981 Soft cover.Small book with Italian text and picts. NF 8
DOORS--JIM MORRISON-AN HOUR OF MAGIC Frank Lisciandro Plexus (Uk) 1981 Soft cover.Mainly photographs-book. NF 20
DOORS--JIM MORRISON-Lirycs and poems Various Stampa alternativa (Ita) 198 Soft cover plus free-45 single included.Sought -after italian-only book and single.Rare! F/F 30
Various Gammalibri (Ita) 1984 Hardback.Dust jacket.First edition.Impossible to find italian-only large ultra-thick book,and just a few collectors known of its existence!!One of a kind! F/F 300
DOORS-EVERY SONG HAS ITS STORY Doug Sundling Greenfire!(Usa) 1997 Hard-to find fanzine-like nice book about the recordings of the Doors. NEW 15
DOORS-The illustrated history Danny Sugerman Morrow and company(Usa) 198 Softcover.8th edition.Large book,recommended! NF 15
DOORS-LIGHT MY FIRE _MY LIFE WITH THE DOORS Ray Manzarek Century (UK) 1998 Hardback.Dust jacket.First edition.Their story written by their founder keyboardist.Essential!! F/F 16
ENCICLOPEDIA DEL ROCK ITALIANO Rizzi,Beretta,Casiraghi,Guglielmi Arcana (Ita) 1993 Hardback.First edition. Included an extra-booklet about italian Beat.Large sections about sixties and 80 ' rock in Italy, and a large section about Progressive Ityalian Rock, with schedes about great and "minor" groups and soloists.. M 23
GABRIEL,PETER-manuali rock ? Arcana( ITA) 1985 Softcover.Italian text. F 8
GABRIEL,PETER-IL TRASFORMISTA Mario Giammetti Arcana( ITA) 1999 Softcover. First edition.Italian text. NEW 7
GABRIEL,PETER-Testi originali con traduzione a fronte Francesco Fabiano Lo Vecchio( ITA) 199 Softcover.Texts,discography,bootlegs guide etc. NEW 7
GENESIS ? Forte( ITA) 1987 Hardback. Dust jacket.Italian text. NF/NF 8
GENESIS-Testi con traduzione a fronte ? Arcana( ITA) 1982 Softcover.Texts of the band,and an introduction.Writing on last page. NF 5
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE And SAN FRANCISCO SOUND Ralph J.Gleason Ballantine (Usa) 1969 Paperback,first printing.Rare!Writing on pages.. NF 15
LED ZEPPELIN 1968-1980 ? (Ita) 198 Soft cover,large pages.Early eighties rare Zeppelin book.Italian text. NF 15
LED ZEPPELIN -STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Richard Cole with Richard Trubo HaperCollins(Usa) 1992 Hardback.Dust jacket.First edition.One of the most interesting book about Led Zeppelin,written by tour manager.Rare first edition!!1 F/NF 40
? Arcana(Ita) 1976 Soft cover,first edition.Maybe the first book ever written on italian Pop/progressive music moviment in the early seventies.A sought after item,very rare!!SOLD! NF 50
NOTE DI POP INGLESE Caciotto/Radice Gammalibri (Ita) 1982 Soft cover,second edition.Italian text.Writing on one page.SOLD! NF 8
POETRY OF ROCK,THE Richard Goldstein Bantam (Usa) 1969 Soft cover,writing on pages.Rare! NF 13
POP/ROCK LYRICS Jerry Walker Scholastic book services (Usa) 1969 Soft cover,first edition.Rare book with lyrics and early photos of Doors,Beatles,Moonkes,Donovan etc.Sleeve cut(Front and back) Poor 5
POP STORY Riccardo Bertoncelli Aecana (Ita) 1978 Soft cover.4th updated edition.Italian text story of 60's and early seventies Rock music,focused on psychedelic,hard rock and progressive/jazz rock movements,in Italy too...SOLD! NF 13
SEX IN ROCK Sara McOustra Crescent (Usa) 198 Hardback.Dust jacket.Nice picts of international rock stars,focused on their sexual behaviour.Some pages split.... Fair 5
ROCK Alan Clayson Futura books(Ita) 1994 Soft cover,small format book. NF 3
ROCK E ALTRE STORIE (da Elvis presley alla no-wave) Bolelli/Gatti Arcana(Ita) 1980 Soft cover,italian text. NF 7
ROLLING STONES-IN CONCERTO ? Fratelli Gallo(Ita) 1982 Soft cover,first edition.Great picts of the band.Italian text. NF 12
U2- BURNING DESIRE Sam Goodman Castle (UK) 1993 Soft cover. NF 13
YES Paolo Battigelli Gallo (Ita) 1985 Soft cover.Italian text.Great pictures of the band.Recommended ! NF 12
WORK OF HIPGNOSIS-WALK AWAY RENE' Storm Thorgerson Paper Tiger(UK) 1978 Soft cover,great book about one of the most (if not THE MOST) popoular rock graphic design label of all time. NF 12

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